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This is me...

If you’re constantly plagued with tough writing decisions and butterflies about marketing content, you need an advocate, a listener, and sometimes, a kick in the pants.


You need Andrea Tyrell.


But who exactly is Andrea Tyrell? Is she a vigilante ninja, quietly saving the world one problem at a time? Is she a wordsmith extraordinaire, dishing out vocabulary like PBS’s “Ghostwriter?” Is she a future award-winning photographer and graphic designer, so talented that everyone from Anna Wintour to Tim Cook is trying to book her? As much as she should like to brag, all the aforementioned are true (perhaps the last bit was exaggerated) but nevertheless, Andrea is truly great.


Andrea is a writer and blogger, living in Austin, Texas. She is the author of countless long and short-form essays and writes for various publications and websites around the country, exploring political issues, relationships and sex, entertainment and art, as well as human interest pieces.


In addition to writing and blogging, Andrea freelances as a marketing consultant. Andrea's experience is a combination of excellence in course study and hands-on professional experience in the fields of marketing, project management and public relations. She creates strategic plans that involve various elements (social media, B2B, cloud, etc.) used to bring in revenue and clients for various companies around the United States and loves social media (hello Facebook!) and brand management.


Andrea believes that community service is an essential part of life and encourages everyone, from her close friends to her readers, to spread some joy in their communities.

  • She has worked with non-profits, teaching free workshops and assisting with website building.

  • She is especially proud of the work she has done with the Nevada Coalition for Women's Equity, bringing awareness to women's issues such as equal pay and affordable day care. Andrea assisted with writing legislation that resulted in the "Pink Tax" Elimination Bill being included on the Nevada General Voter ballot in 2018. 

  • In 2014, she planned the first-ever Slut Walk in her hometown, where participants came together to march in the names of those who have been sexually assaulted and shamed.

  • She sat on the board the Reno Black Lives Matter. 


Enough with the third-person narrative. Every superhero has a cause to fight for- I want to fight for you, and show you how my talents and attitude can help bring in and leave clients satisfied- happy people all around.


Up, up and away, 
Andrea L. Tyrell 



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